Researcher peng nianhua from the national ion beam center visited the HUBEI university

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Invited by the college, researcher Peng Nian Hua from the British national ion beam center came to visit and lecture at HuBei University on October 31, 2018. In the second floor of academic lecture hall of material college, Peng Nian Hua made a report which introduced a British report at the national center for ion beam center to more than 100 teachers and students of material college . It was presided over by Gao yun, vice President of the professor.

The report detailedly introduced the basic organizational structure , the experimental facilities, operation and management mechanism of the British national ion beam center .At the same time ,it also introduced in the application of ion beam technology for material modification and electronics research and development of typical cases, such as structure material of the ion irradiation effects, the synthesis and modification of superconducting materials, the synthesis of metal nanoparticles and so on. Finally ,the recent development of ion beam technology trends is prospected.

Peng Nian was awarded bachelor of science in semiconductor physics of WuHan University in1982, a master of science in solid state physics in WUHAN university in 1985 and doctor of philosophy in solid state physics of Cambridge university in199. From 1998,he has worked in the British national ion beam center as a senior reseacher .From 2006 to 2017, Chen Xiaoyuan innovation team Shanghai higher institute of Chinese academy of science.He is engaged in the research of ion beam irradiation with related work and he served as the judge of many academic periodicals,as well as the reacher found of Italy, Portugal and other countries .

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