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World Famous Scientists LecturingWuhan Forum on Intelligent Sensing Technologies (Wuhan, 2024)

The Wuhan Forum of World-Famous Scientists Lecturing on Smart Sensing Technology, is scheduled to be held from 7 to 9 June 2024, in Hubei University, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. Experts and scholars in the area of Intelligent sensing will be invited to participate in the meeting, including over 20 experts from UK, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India and other countries or regions. Overseas experts could participate online depending on the specific circumstances. In the form of conference invited reports, subcommittee reports and posters, etc., the conference will exchange and discuss topics on MEMS sensitive components and intelligent sensing systems, electrochemical sensing and biosensing, and the latest science, engineering and technology related to photoelectric, magnetoelectric and gas sensing. We sincerely invite experts and scholars from home and abroad to participate in this conference.

1. Organizer

Energy Harvest and Environmental Detecting Green Technology Overseas Expertise Introduction Center for Discipline Innovation (“111” Center), Key Laboratory of Intelligent Sensing System and Security, Key Laboratory of Green Preparation and Application for Functional Materials, Ministry of Education, HUBU-ManMet Joint Innovation Centre on Smart Sensing, Hubei Key Laboratory of Micro-Nanoelectronic Materials and Devices, Hubei Provincial International Scientific Cooperation Base of Advanced Photoelectric Conversion and Photo-/Electro-Catalysis Materials, Hubei Innovation and Intelligence Base for Intelligent Sensing and Micro-Nanoelectronics.

2. Conference Topics

(1) MEMS sensitive components and intelligent sensing systems.

(2) Electrochemical sensing and biosensing.

(3) Photoelectric, magnetoelectric and gas sensing.

(4) Postgraduate Forum

3. Call for paper

The conference includes keynote speeches, invited talks, oral presentations, and poster sessions. Please send registration information and abstracts to the submission email:

For registration confirmation, abstracts, and poster templates, please refer to the attachments.

4. Important Dates

Conference Date: June 7th to June 9th, 2024.

The deadline for abstract submission: May 10th, 2024.

Registration for the conference Date : June 7th, 2024.

5. Organisation of the Conference

President of the Conference

Ravi Silva, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Surrey.

Hasuck Kim, Member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, Professor at Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST)

Professor Guosheng Shao, Member of the European Academy of Sciences, Zhengzhou University

Professor Zhang Hua, Member of the European Academy of Sciences, City University of Hong Kong.

Tianxiang MEI, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), University of Salford

Academic Committee

Prof. Ravi Silva, University of Surrey, UK

Prof. Christof Wöll, Karlsruher Institutfür Technologie, Germany

Prof. John Wang, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Taewon Kang, Dongguk University, Korea

Prof. Alhussein Albarbar, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Prof. Peter Klar, Justus-Liebig-Universität, Germany

Prof. Dominik Eder, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Prof. Guohua Hu, University of Lorraine, France

Prof. Kevin HomewoodHubei UniversityChina

Prof. Guosheng Shao, Zhengzhou University

Prof. Xin Guo, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Prof. Li Niu, Guangzhou University

Prof. Xincun Dou, Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Quan Yuan, Hunan University

Prof. Xiufeng Han, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Runwei Li, Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Zhihong Liu, Hubei University

Organization Committee

Prof. Tianjin Zhang, Hubei University

Prof. Xiaobao Wang, Hubei University

Prof. Zhiguang Guo, Hubei University

Prof. Xiuhua Zhang, Hubei University

Prof. Cheng Zeng, Hubei University

Prof. Yunbin He, Hubei University

Prof. Yun Gao, Hubei University

Prof. Xiaohong Xia, Hubei University

Prof. Yongming Hu, Hubei University

Prof. Shiheng Liang, Hubei University

Prof. Wei Wen, Hubei University


Wang Xiang, Deng Chen, Tang Mi, Li Rong, Zeng Min, Lu Yiying, Wu Zhen, Luo Xiaoyu, Peng Xiaoniu, Le Ling, Cheng li

6. Registration


Before 20 May

20 May and after

Regular Representative

2000 RMB (350 USD)

2500 RMB (400 USD)

Student Representative

1200 RMB (200 USD)

1500 RMB (250 USD)

The registration fee covers meeting documents, lunch and dinner.

Participants’ travel and accommodation expenses will not be covered.

7. Conference Address and Recommended Accommodation

Conference Address: Hubei University Conference Center

Recommended Accommodation: Wuhan Royal Hotel (No. 259 Zhongbei Road);

Accommodation price range: RMB 350 to 600 .

Shuttle service will be provided during the conference.

8. Contact Information

Xinyi Lu 180 6400 6528

Mi Tang 159 2643 2043

Chen Deng 182 7180 6601

Xiaoyu Luo139 8628 6048

Ling Le  158 7176 6919

Organizing Committee of the Wuhan Forum, Hubei University

April 26, 2024                              

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